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Cuarteto Hispanoamericano
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This formation reflects in his repertory the Spanish inheritance of the Latin-American music. In his concerts they mix classic compositions of chamber orchestra with folklore pieces. The fine quality of this musical formation is revealed in the fussion between the classic and the popular.

With great experience this formation has toured along the United States, Brazil, Argentina and Spain in prestigious venues like the United Nations Room (New York), Meridian House (Washington), University of Berkeley, Mémorial of Latin America (San Paulo, Brazil), Centro Cultural de la Villa (Madrid) and many others festivals and theatres around the world.

Jose Luis Merlín - Guitar: Director and composer. His compositions are played and recorded by a lot of guitarist around the world: Jan Wouters (Bélgica), Etienne Plasman (Luxemburgo), Antigoni Goni (Grecia), David Tanenbaum (USA), Jasón Vieux (USA), Yang Xuefei (China), Michael Nigro (USA), Lisa Schroeder, Willam Simcoe (USA), Louis Johnson (USA), Wang Zhen (China); Bruce Paine (Nueva Zelandia), Máximo Pujol (Argentina), Eduardo Martín (Cuba), Lee Khee Gan (Japón), Eric Cabalo (USA), Danny Shoemaker (USA), Stanley Yates (Inglaterra), Elliot Frank, Allar Õunapuu (Estonia), Matthew Hornbeck (USA), Dietmar Oliver Kunzler (Alemania), Adam Holzman (USA), Robert Guthrie (USA), Luis Andrés Campos Yépez (Ecuador), Marcelo Coronel (Argentina), Théan Slabbert, Roma Sprung, Victor Celis, etc.

He has made more than thirty international tours: Mexico, Ireland, Spain, Austria, USA (over 200 concerts), Canada, Cuba, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil and Uruguay. He has given concerts in such renowned halls as the Centro Cultural de la Villa (Madrid, Spain), the United Nations (New York, USA), the Meridian House Who's (Washington, D. C., USA), the Museums of Art in Dallas and Detroit (USA), the Teatro Juan Bravo (Segovia, Spain), the Teatro Nacional Cervantes (Buenos Aires), as well as on public radio and television in Ohio, Michigan, Oregon, California, Texas (USA), and on the international channel of Deutsche Welle (Germany).

He worked as an orchestrator and arranger with the composer Jorge Drexler in performing the soundtrack of the movie "City of Your Final Destination" by James Ivory with Anthony Hopkins as one of the protagonists.

His works are included in the programs of study of many universities and conservatoires in Europe, America and Asia.

Andrey Frolov - Violin: Born in Saint Petersburg, he studied with Levy Ivashenko, Boris Gutnikov and in the Conservatoire of Saint Petersburg, with Michail Vairnan, graduating in 1983. Nowadays he is concertino of the National Orchestra of Spain.

Adam Hunter - Cello: Born in Southampton (England). Winner of the "Hellen Just" Prize in R.C.M., winner of the contest "Young Musicmaker" with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. He performed with the Royal Liverpool Orchestra and the RTE of Dublin (Ireland). Nowadays he is a teacher of the National Orchestra of Spain since 1984.

Débora Lewin - Flute: She is National Teacher of Music in Spain, soloist of piano and flute. He studied piano with the teachers Violeta H. de Gainza. and Susana Bonora. She began his studies of flute in the National Conservatoire with the teacher Jorge Slivskin. Later she studied with the great teacher Domingo Rulio and with Flavia Casanova.

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