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Borja Niso - Tributo a Ludovico Einaudi
The power of dreams
I was born in Madrid in 1980, and as much as I find it difficult to admit it, I must admit that I am not a musician by profession (though I would like to). Before my big change in life, I had earned a living as an entrepreneur and a computer engineer since I finished my university studies in 2003.

A little over three years ago (in April 2016) I started playing the piano on my own, which shows, in my view, that it is never too late to fulfill a dream. It all started after I fell in love with the music of Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi, whom I had the opportunity to listen to for the first time at the Real Madrid Theater that same year. Thanks to Ludovico, I have discovered my true passion and sense in life: music.

"After hearing the theme "Nuvole Bianche" for the first time, which many of you will know from the announcement of the Christmas Lottery "The Factory of Mannequins", everything changed for me. That melody penetrated my soul by forever residing with me. I was absorbed by its extreme beauty and sensitivity. After that initial moment of sensory ecstasy and making the most of that I had a digital piano (which was my son's, but never used to), I decided to try my luck and sit down and play and improvise."

Over the first few weeks, I focused my effort on getting the topic out of my ear with the help of that wonderful tutorials world, which is YouTube. It hadn't been three weeks before I realized that I had not only managed to play that beautiful piece, with some dignity, but I had also composed one of my first themes and most appreciated by the public, which I called "Perfect Storm."

So they spent the first months (and the first year and a half), practicing every day, enjoying the discovery of an instrument that was fascinating me more and more and more, immersing me in an indescribable magic.

And it was precisely during those first few months that I became aware of the true power of music and decided to develop my skills as a musician to the fullest and capitalize on it
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