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María Bayo canta Misa Criolla
Misa Criolla & Navidad Nuestra
The great soprano Maria Bayo, the Andean group Alturas, considered the best instrumental ensemble of Peru and the Coro de Cámara de Pamplona present the premiere of "Misa Criolla & Navidad Nuestra" with more than 35 artists on stage and 20 different acoustic instruments.

The programme is a selection of the most important Latin-American works of all times including the well-known Misa Criolla (Creole Mass). Composed by Ariel Ramirez in 1963 for a group of folkloric musical instruments, soloists, mixed choirs and piano, which is based on traditional folk rhythms from Argentina and Bolivia was composed to make it become a great popular liturgical expression, which is now often performed all around the world in several classical concert halls.

Alturas highly experienced in the authentic style of the Misa Criolla and making use of a fresh interpretation, have managed to reach a very special version, which they have sung in innumerable occasions at very important European venues together with Choirs of well-recognized international prestige. Recorded by Jose Carreras in 1988 he has acquired relevancy on a worldwide scale with a million copies sold.

The programme is complimented with a selection of choral works and popular pieces like “La flor de la canela”, “Duerme Negrito”, “Capullito de alelí” or “El mayoral”.

ALTURAS was born in Lima in 1978. Since then, they have worked seriously and professionally letting the world Know Peru through its traditional music from the Andes, the Coast and the Amazon, as well as the most representative melodies which belong to Latin America, giving special emphasis to Afro-Peruvian rhythms and very proudly showing on stage more than 50 different acoustic musical instruments.

Besides having performed all along Peru, they have given numerous concerts and have participated in various festivals held in very prestigious venues in Germany, Austria, Spain, France, England, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland, The former USSR, Israel, Morocco, Colombia, and have taken part in most of these countries officially representing Peru.

Innumerable comments from the media, critics, and several recordings produced are the special testimony ALTURAS counts on to proudly show the intensive and hard work they have done doing research on music and culture, searching authentic material, composing, arranging and performing to let others know the traditional Peruvian music, as well as on the elaboration of the so varied programmes they present, each one of them filled with lots of quality and professionalism. Because of this, ALTURAS is at present considered to be the most representative Peruvian musical group overseas.

A real wide repertoire of songs, rhythms and musical variety which belong to the rich Peruvian cultural background is what ALTURAS presents in their concerts. Traditional music, from the Andes of Peru, its coast or the Amazon, with special emphasis in Afro-Peruvian music, all these complemented with the best and most traditional music from Latin America, and other pieces of music composed by ALTURAS making use of their excellent and highly-developed quality in their vocal arrangements as well as in the interpretation of traditional musical instruments which in whole provide the audience with magnificent and pleasant sounds.

It is ALTURAS's main goal to get the audience to enjoy and really appreciate the special talent each member shows playing different musical instruments and they really manage to get everyone to enjoy a rich programme, both in format and content and besides, ALTURAS has experienced the important value their followers give to the increasing interest the group has always shown to present their songs together with useful explanations which help everyone to draw in their minds the context and origin of each song and consequently a better and closer idea of Peru and the Latin American countries.


Written in 1963 by Ariel Ramirez, Misa Criolla has become one of the most well-known and oft-performed South American choral works throughout the world. A product of the composer's long study of Argentine folk music, the piece synthesizes popular and liturgical styles, drawing on the rhythms and melodies of Argentina and other South American cultures.

In July 2004, ALTURAS had the enormous privilege to present it together with the tenor JOSE CARRERAS and the Coral Salvé de Laredo at the Emilia Romagna International Festival (Italy). ALTURAS has participated in the Workshop and Concert of the MISA CRIOLLA at the XVI EUROPA CANTAT Mainz 2006 (Germany) together with a huge choir formed by singers of different nationalities. In July 2010 they have presented again the Misa Criolla with José Carreras at the amazing terraza of Duomo di Milan. In March 2012 Alturas will sing Misa Criolla in the Al Bustan Festival (Lebanon) with the Antoine Choir from Beiruth.
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