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Electrolé - Cruceta Flamenco
The Hidden Night
Electrolé born of necessity and concern the multifaceted creative producer, choreographer and dancer Mariano Cruceta.

This is a project that aims to become an artistic platform from which to generate a new trend of flamenco expression language; without losing the nature and tradition of each “palo”, based on the latest trends in electronic music.

A creative process developed over low heat; specialized artists from different musical styles, working in freedom, without prejudices, have been built and have joined their talents to form a fresh, new, homogeneous sound.


He began his career as a dancer in numerous national companies and as a guest artist in different productions which travelled to U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Europe, Australia, Latin America, India and China.

Mariano Cruceta runs Cruceta Flamenco dance company as director, artistic producer, choreographer and performer. His performance and artistic works are featured by its versatility and originality as well as an understanding of flamenco language combined with a contemporary style.

His works have been staged at many major festivals and national and international theaters: The Shape of Things (2000), Sorcerer (2001), Yenyere (2002), Live Red (2003), Othello (2005), Red ( 2006), Greenhouse-8 reflections (2009), The Confidence (2011), The Goddess Impure (2012) and Duality (2014).

In 2010 Paco Ortega produced with him his first album, 8 Reflexiones, which was written by composer and guitarist Caroline Planté in the emblematic Madrid Musigrama study; and, on the other hand, he received the third prize at the First International Short Film Festival Flamenco with its short film Invernadero (Greenhouse.)

​He has cooperated with different albums as a producer and arranger and now he is introducing his first musical composition, La noche Escondida, with the band Electrolé.

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