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Fernando Pablo Egozcue Folgueras was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on June 23, 1959. Son of Carlos María Egozcue and Beatriz Folgueras, a lawyer and French teacher respectively, he briefly starts his studies on guitar; with just 5 years assists to the lessons of the teacher Blanca de Solari, in this neighborhood of Nuñez, under her mother’s keep eye, mainstay on his education. During these first years he combined music and school until, at the age of 13, he and his friends in Nuñez starts to discover the pleasure of improvising, spending the afternoons of his early adolescence creating musical atmospheres in a group; this definitely defined him as musician from a very younger age.

At the age of 12 he starts a medium degree in Music at the Music Municipal Conservatory of Buenos Aires, where he studies Harmony with the well-known Argentinean composer Carlos Gustavino. He finishes his studies in the Music National Conservatory of Buenos Aires, obtaining in 1979 the title of National Teacher of Music, specialty in Guitar, under the professorship of Horacio Ceballos.

Over two consecutive years, 1978 and 1979, he obtained the prestigious scholarship of the Government of Brazil to participate in the X and XI International Guitar Seminar in the city of Porto Alegre where he had the opportunity to study Guitar with Abel Carlevaro, Álvaro Pierri, Miguel Ángel Girolet and Contemporary Music with the composer Francis Schwartz.

During his adolescence, he studies Composition with Luis María Corallini and Guitar with Nelly Menotti. Later on he learns Counterpoint and Composition with Guillermo Graetzer, disciple of Paul Hindemith as well as Jazz with Greg Hopking, teacher of the Berklee College of Music of Boston (one of the most prestigious music schools in the world) in Buenos Aires, and yet in 1983 he made his recording debut with his own composition, “Música de la ciudad de Buenos Aires” (Music of the city of Buenos Aires).

In 1992 he moved to Spain, where he lives currently. There he continued his musical studies, obtaining in 1996 the Superior Title of Guitar in the Music Superior Conservatory of San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid).

Egozcue’s work includes compositions for solo guitar as well as for quartet, quintet and septet groups mainly. He has also composed for big orchestras; for example, his piece “Concert for guitar and string orchestra” interpreted by the Chamber Orchestra Andrés Segovia under the direction of José Luis Novo, first performed in 2003 in the National Auditory of Music of Madrid. On 21 June, 2011, an ambitious project was first played by the Asturias Symphony Orchestra at the Príncipe Felipe Congress Hall-Auditorium in Oviedo, with Egozcue himself on the guitar, the “bandoneonista” Omar Massa, the tenor José Manuel Zapata and the “cantaora flamenca” Rocío Márquez, under the direction of Joan Albert Amargós: the orchestration of his own traditional tango arrangements as well as other compositions.

In addition to his activity as a composer, Egozcue has participated in the academic field. From 1997 to 2003 he was a music teacher and director of the Music Municipal School of Coslada (Madrid). He has also been panel judge in the XVIII Contest on Spanish Dance Choreography and Flamenco celebrated at in the Canal Theatre of Madrid on 2009.

As his journey has unfolded, he has received numerous appreciations and prizes. Yet in 1979 he was awarded first prize in the Guitar National Contest of San Lorenzo in Argentina. He was also elected finalist at the XII Music Awards in 2008, granted by the Spanish Music Academy, in the category of “Best Player of Classical Music” with the violinist Ara Malikian for their record Lejos. And in 2010 he was finalist at the XIII Max Awards of the Scenic Arts, granted by the Spanish General Society of Authors and Editors (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores – SGAE-) and the Author Foundation (Fundación Autor), in the category of “Best music composition for scenic performance” for his original score for the performance Jazzing Flamenco.

Egozcue mainly performs live concerts of his own compositions and his different groups and performances have been presented in the best theatres and festivals all over the world. In Spain he has played in the Liceo Theatre of Barceona, the Palau de las Artes of Valencia, Albeniz Theatre of Madrid, Royal Theatre of Madrid, National Auditory of Music of Madrid,Patio de Conde Duque of Madrid (under the cycles “Summers of Villa”) and Debod Temple. Abroad, he has showcased his music on five continents, taking part in the festivals Wexford Festival Opera (Ireland), Columbia Festival in Maryland (United States), Quebec Summer Festival (United States), Is Sanat Festival en Istanbul (Turkey), International Jazz Festival of Montreal (Canada), National Arts Center in Ottawa (Canada), Memorial Auditorium Standford University in California (United States) and Opernhaus Düsseldorf (Germany). And he has toured Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, United States, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Monaco, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Bahrain, Cyprus, Oman, Reunion Island and Jordan.


Born in Barcelona in 1962 José Luis Montón made his debut as a concert artist there in 1989. His recordings as a leader include "Flamenco entre amigos" (1996), “Aroma” (Auvidis, 1997), “Sin querer” (2000), “De la felicidad” (2005), “Flamenco Arabe 2” (2006), “Flamenco Kids” (2010) and “Flamenco Etxea” (2011). One of the characteristics of his work has been a willingness to search for points of contact with other disciplines and cultures. Amongst many examples are his “Flamenco Arabe” project with Egyptian percussionist Hossam Ramzy and collaborations with Lebanese classical violinist Ara Malikian. Montón has also explored the common ground between flamenco and music of the Basque region in work with accordionist Gorka Hermosa, played with singers of flamenco and fado traditions including Misia, Carmen París, María Berasarte, Mayte Martín, composed music for dance and theatre and much more...

For Monton there is a common denominator running through such projects. “When I faced the challenge of doing this solo album, I wondered what it was that touched me the most in an artist’s work and concluded that it was the quality of sincerity. In this music I have tried to translate that sincerity and love of art which I appreciate so much when I encounter it.”

Montón’s current projects-in-progress include “Clavileño”, described as “a new way of feeling Spanish Baroque music”, tracing rhythmic dances of the Baroque back to Arab origins. He is also presenting a show based upon Bach and flamenco rhythms in Seville in April 2013, and collaborating on a programme of Spanish Songs of the 19th Century with classical guitarist David González and singer Clara Montes.

In his solo pieces we can heard the resourceful Montón builds upon the template, energy and emotional intensity of flamenco in the creation of his own pieces, rooted in the tradition and at the same time reaching toward new destinations: “Flamenco is very beautiful in itself and I am deeply grateful for the inspiration it has given me throughout my career and my personal struggle to find myself through music. I owe a special debt of gratitude to all the great masters of flamenco guitar that have enriched so much its language, introducing new characters in the alphabet of flamenco.” The flow of ideas in Montón’s pieces can be breathtaking, as melodic lines splinter into flurries of notes or dance elegantly through stacked rhythms, virtuosity always harnessed to thoroughly musical ends.


Mariano Cruceta - Artistic director, choreographer, performer

Native of Madrid , Mariano Cruceta has more than twenty years of experience. His career is intense and eclectic.

Cruceta was the lead dancer of numerous national companies: Blanca del Rey, Rafael de Córdoba, Mariemma, Luisillo and Elvira Andrés ( director of the National Ballet) amongst others. He took part in the TVE dance company and was invited to be a part of the Fifth Centenary of the Discovery of America at the New York Lincoln Center with the Salute production and at the XXI Festival OTI 92.

Cruceta also played lead roles in such important productions as "Romeo and Juliet", produced by Columbia Artists at the Kennedy Center, the Embassy Theater in L.A., the Chicago Auditorium and the Detroit Orchestra Hall, as well as in the " Festival Flamenco" at the Gyspie Tea Room in Dallas, the festival "Pure Flamenco" in Sydney and as the invited artist in several international productions.

Among his choreographic work should be noted his version of Ravel's Bolero for the München Philamornik Orchestra, his " Kurosuka" in Tokyo and Osaka, the "Flamenco Katah" at the Miss India contest, the premiere of "Carmen" at the National Theater of Taiwan, choreographies for Esmeralda Enrique's Spanish Dance Company presented at the prestigious Harbour Front Center of Toronto, choreographies for the show Malambo-fusion of Malambo presented in numerous festivals in Canada and United States, and his award-winning works at the International Choreography Contest of Madrid.

Since 2007, he is the director of the CENTRO DE ARTES ESCÉNICAS DE LA CIA CRUCETA FLAMENCO in Madrid where he also teaches. He also shares his knowledge giving several workshops in Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Japan and USA since the 90’s.

For the last 12 years, he is the choreographer, performer and artistic director of CRUCETA FLAMENCO in which he shows his constant versatility and innovative way to understand flamenco. Por amor al arte (2000), Hechiceros (2001), Yényere (2002), En Rojo Vivo (2003), Othello (2005), En Rojo (2006), Invernadero-8reflexiones (2009), La Confidencia (2011) and La Diosa Impura (2012) have been presented in the most prestigious festivals and theatres of Spain such as: Festival Madrid en Danza, Festival La Otra Mirada del Flamenco, Festival Flamenco Viene del Sur, Festival Internacional de Santander, Cartografias de la Danza and at many international festivals such as Festival de Biarritz, Vancouver International Dance Festival, Festival Flamenco Montreal, Chicago Flamenco Festival etc.

Multidisciplinary artist, in 2010 Mariano produces composer/guitarist Caroline Planté’s first album, 8REFLEXIONES and also produces a short-film, “Invernadero”, awarded at the 1st International Flamenco Short-Films Festival (FFLAC 2010) in Madrid. The short-film has been then presented at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, at the Festival Flamenco de Nîmes (France), in the FNAC’s of Spain and at the V Ciclo de Cine Flamenco in Sevilla and in Jerez de la Frontera, organized by the Instituto Andaluz de Desarollo del Flamenco, in Brasil and at the Cinema Beaubien in Montreal during the FFLAM 2012.

He is now working on the next production of the company, on his 2nd short-film and on the production of Caroline Planté's next album.


Originally from Argentina, now based in Madrid, Mariano´s Tango style is characterized by creativeness, expressiveness and power of dance. Together with Alejandra, their unique dance as a couple is based on a foundation of ballet, modern dance and jazz. In addition to their very recognizable style, they bring that special something every time they come out on stage. You can be sure to be taken on a magical journey unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Based in Madrid, they are characterized by the expressiveness and power of their dance, have worked in Spain and abroad with major orchestras and in companies composed of internationally renowned dancers.

They have been formed in other dances such as ballet, modern dance and jazz and they also take regular classes in interpretation.

In 2010 they participated with his work "La Couture of the Heart" at the Festival Cambalache and in 2012 they were one of the couples of the International Congress Of Argentinian Tango (CITA). The two calls are internationally recognized and developed in the City of Buenos Aires.

They develop a theatrical work that is evident in his choreography and have two works that combine tango with humor, one of them is the afore mentioned "La Couture of the Heart" and the other "It". Today they are called to work at European festivals where they teach and make shows (International Festival of Wuppertal, TangoMatrix Festival, Leipzig, Catania, Oldenburg, Aix en Provence, Monprimblanc, Rovinj, Innsbruck, Vilnius Tango Fiesta, International Istanbul Festival, Lisbon International Tango Festival, María de Buenos Aires in Denmark).

Some of their upcoming challenges are Tango Festival in Sevilla, Wawel Tango Festival Cracow, Tango Amadeus in Vienna, Istanbul Tango Experience, Lisbon International Tango Festival, Tango Festival in Oldenburg and the personal commitment of the company Tangoria with the show Tango sin ti.
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