Alberto San Juan - España Ingobernable
España Ingobernable
Todo dice que sí or Everything says yes (the title of a verse by Pedro Salinas) is a subjective and arbitrary, but not academic, journey through the 20th-century Spanish poetry of Pedro Salinas, Luis Cernuda, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Gabriel Celaya, Jaime Gil de Biedma, José Agustin Goytisolo, Josep Maria Fonollosa and Angel Gonzalez. The actor Alberto San Juan lends his voice to the poems, while guitarist Fernando Egozcue accompanies the verses with his own compositions. The selected poems constitute an emotional, philosophical, humoristic and social journey. But, above all, they are a celebration of life. Of the joyful and real possibilities of living life as we please, based on who we are. Each and every one of us.

Alberto San Juan not only recites but interprets the poems as he lets himself be carried away by Egozcue’s original compositions, arranged exclusively for this performance. There is no common denominator between the selection of poems other than the emphasis placed on the sentiments shared by poets and performer, a coincidence deriving from Alberto San Juan’s emotional involvement in the representation. Featured poems are those by Pedro Salinas, Fonollosa, Ángel Garcia and Gil de Biedma, all beautifully set to music by Fernando Egozcue.


• Viernes 23 de Marzo – Santa Coloma
• Sábado 24 de Marzo – Zizur Mayor
• Domingo 8 de Abril – Sant Hipolit
• Viernes 4 de Mayo – Zumárraga
• Sábado 5 de Mayo – Berga
• Domingo 6 de Mayo – Sevilla

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Héctor Alterio y José Luis Merlín
"Como hace 3000 años..." - INCLOS A LA ODA DE BARCELONA
Alterio's theatre debut came in 1948 as the lead in Cómo suicidarse en primavera ("How to commit suicide in spring"). After finishing drama school, he created the Nuevo Teatro ("New Theatre") company in 1950, where he worked until 1968 and helped change the Argentine theatrical scene of the 1960s.

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José Mercé y José Manuel Zapata
Tango Mano a mano
In November 2010 he recorded TANGO for SONY, in which he sings the masterpieces of Carlos Gardel, earning the plaudits of critics and public. For this project the Spanish tenor is joined by José Mercé, one of the most important figures from the current flamenco scene.

Since his debut 7 years ago, José Manuel Zapata has become one of the most important tenors of his generation. In the short period of time since his first performance at the Opera de Oviedo in 2002, Zapata has sung in some of the major Opera theaters of the World: Teatro Real de Madrid, Teatro Liceo in Barcelona, Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro, Deutsche Oper in Berlin, Theatre of the Champs Elysees and Chatelet in Paris, Teatro San Carlo in Naples, Teatro Massimo of Palermo, etc.

Jose Merce is a flamenco singer from Jerez de la Frontera and is one of the most popular new flamenco singers in Spain today. He began singing at the age of six, becoming a soloist in his local church, La Basílica de la Merced in Jerez, while improving his natural skills by participating in Antonio Gades' theater company.

• 8 de Mayo - Teatro Municipal - Benicassim
• 10 de Mayo - Teatro Municipal - Guadix
• 16 de Mayo - Teatro Buero Vallejo - Guadalajara
• 17 de Mayo - Palacio de Congresos El Greco - Toledo
• 22 de Mayo - Teatro Circo - Albacete
• 23 de Mayo - Auditorio Municipal - Fuentealbilla

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